Renewable Εnergy - Wind Power

Wind is a natural phenomenon caused by the earth's rotation, the pressure difference in the atmosphere and the temperature difference between water and land.

Since ancient times, the exploitation of wind energy had an important role in the development of the economy and the needs of men kind. Originally windmills and sailboats, and now, in modern times the conversion of wind energy into electricity.

GEKO HELLAS SA offers comprehensive solutions to protect wind energy installations:

  • MCBs for special installations. Thermal and magnetic protection of wiring and equipment, both in the AC side and the DC side
  • Switches AC / DC. A load switch allows isolation of the load from the production of electricity
  • Inverter. The voltage converter is the unit which through power electronics and bridge converts the generated DC voltage to AC.
  • Monitoring devices. Power meters, network analyzers of all electrical quantities. Systems of direct or remote monitoring and control of all electrical quantities.
  • Surge protection. Since the installation is fully exposed to all weather conditions and because that all the loads that manages the lightning surge protection and over current, both environmental factors and the circuit, is also necessary.
  • Industrial Encosures. Polyester cabinets, reinforced with glass fibers and guarantees 20 years, is now more important part of the installation as it hosts all devices on the circuit protection.


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GEKO HELLAS SA one of the first electricity distributors companies in Greece updated the web site and created online store. The new web site over the best aesthetics offers significant new functionality.
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