Strategy Development

The hallmark of Geko-General Electric is the high fidelity of service and excellent cooperation and balance of an even and developed distribution network in every region of Greece from Macedonia to Crete and exports sales. More specifically, the company focuses on interests below:

In strict and quality control of products

The company provides all products under the highest standard featuring all the necessary quality certificates.

Geko is king of purity in relationships with partners and creates strong bonds with them. The company ensures that develops honest and transparent relationships with all partners seen as an important, vital part of the company and not as faceless customers.

It also seeks constructive and effective cooperation with manufacturers and factories in other European General Electric companies.

New technologies

Investing in new technologies is one of the main goal of the company as growth through the exploitation of new technologies, especially the Internet, such as by creating e-shop and e-business, will lend an extra competitive advantage in the new map of globalization.

In education

The company constantly invests in the education of both representatives and human resources through regularly scheduled seminars conducted almost once a month and meet the needs that exist nationwide.

Latest News

Renewable Energy
Photovoltaic Wind Power
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New website & e-shop!!
GEKO HELLAS SA one of the first electricity distributors companies in Greece updated the web site and created online store. The new web site over the best aesthetics offers significant new functionality.
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